How to estimate your jewelry online?

Jewelry has always played a major role in society, whether it was given as a gift on a special occasion or purchased as a safe haven in times of crisis. Just like fashion, jewelry evolves with time and those that were trendy yesterday may be out of fashion today. Having jewelry appraised allows you to know its true value.

Appraisal of jewelry

There are different kinds of jewels, pieces of high jewelry and gold or silver jewels which have more or less value. It can happen that you want to know the exact value of a piece of jewelry that you have been given or that a relative has left you as an inheritance. To find out more, click here. Jewelry appraisal online is a good solution to get an estimate of your jewelry at market price. For example, the value of a gold bracelet, set with precious stones and bequeathed to you by your elderly aunt can, perhaps, be resold for several thousand euros today. It is also important to find out the exact value of your jewelry in order to insure it properly in case of theft.

Estimate rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches...

There are many situations that can lead a person to want to have a jewelry appraisal done. Doing this online will allow you to save time and provide you with a reliable answer. Jewelry appraisal online allows to know the exact value of jewelry items in all discretion. Valuation of heritage, expertise to assert its rights, establishment of an estate ... Simply send online a photo of the jewel, its hallmarks, a copy of the certificate of authenticity so that an expert can from a general examination, assess the quality of work, authenticity, the time ...

Appraisal of antique jewelry

Jewelry appraisal online is the solution to know the exact value of recent or antique jewelry. A thorough examination of a piece of jewelry, verification of stones, authentication of hallmarks and marks, certification of diamonds ... It is important to know that the value of antique jewelry is divided into two parts, the commercial value to which is added the antique value. The owner will obtain a non-binding proposal that estimates the value of the jewelry. It is advisable to have jewelry pieces appraised every three years, as the values fluctuate with the market, especially according to the results obtained at auction.
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