Gold, silver and platinum are part of the selection of precious metals. Buying jewelry made of these materials is an excellent long-term investment. However, it is necessary to acquire genuine metals. Tips on how to recognize them easily.

Simple tips to recognize gold on your jewelry

Men or women, everyone has their own preferences in terms of jewelry. Although many precious metals are currently flooding the jewelry market, gold remains one of the most popular. Since this sector is riddled with scammers, it is essential to ensure the authenticity of your gold jewelry. Therefore, to identify this material, perform an authentication test. To do this, you can use acid. An oxidation reaction of the jewel shows that the gold is mixed with a significant amount of alloy. Also, don't hesitate to inspect the hallmarks to punctuate your identification as mentioned on Also check the jewelry for discoloration due to wear of the gold. Note that gold plating wears quickly over time. To give you an idea of the purity of your jewel, also proceed to an online jewelry appraisal.

Recommendations for identifying silver jewelry

To find out if your jewelry is silver, you should look for the hallmarks assigned to this material. To do this, take a high magnification magnifying glass and look closely at them. You should see the numbers 925, 900 or 800. If the hallmark shows 925, it indicates that your jewel has a high concentration of silver, 925 g per 1 kg of silver. For silver jewelry made in France, you can distinguish the Head of Minerva and the Head of Mercury. These guarantee a minimum concentration of 925/1000 of silver on your jewel. For more security, make an online jewelry appraisal.

Tips to ensure the authenticity of platinum on your jewelry

Along with gold, platinum is one of the most cherished precious metals among jewelers. Almost all jewelry made with this material has a mark that proves its authenticity. Take your time to make sure that the words "Platinum", "Flat" or "PT" are displayed, followed or preceded by the numbers 950 or 900. Note that these numbers indicate the purity of the platinum. If the jewelry displays 999, it means that the metal is pure. You should also do an online jewelry appraisal for more assurance. Alternatively, you can identify the platinum by its hallmarks. A penguin punch indicates pure platinum (950 thousandths). On the other hand, a dog's head hallmark is the second title (900 thousandths) of solid platinum.