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Buying a work of art online: some tips

Buying a work of art depends on several criteria. To find a work of art, you can make your purchases via art exhibitions or galleries, but you can also buy online. But how to proceed online? Here are some tips…

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A guide to buying your first painting

Art is a world of pleasure, color and mystery. For thousands of years, it has been part of the cultural life of all human beings. Paintings tell stories and emotions. Continuing from generation to generation, art still holds a great…

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How to know the rating of a contemporary artist?

It is not always easy to understand how to evaluate the value of a contemporary artist. The price of a work of art being very varied, it is sometimes difficult to know the value of an artist. So how do…

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Trend: why you should bet on the street art movement today

The urban art has known a lightning advance since these last years. Coming from the United States since the 70’s, this art has known countless journeys to be able to be displayed today in the most prestigious galleries and museums…

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How can you afford a great master painting without being a millionaire?

The public’s infatuation for painted works has never been so strong. This applies to the productions of yesteryear as well as to the paintings of contemporary artists. It is indeed the end of the elitist prejudices on the appreciation of…

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