Art Assessment

How does an expert evaluate a painting?

Whether you are a visual art lover, a collector, or simply enchanted by the beauty of a painting, there are different ways to determine its value. The methods used by experts to define an estimate of works of art are…

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I have antiques at home: how to easily find an expert to estimate my objects?

Some people own antiques. They often wonder if these antiques are valuable. The question that often arises is how to find an expert to appraise these objects. To be sure, here are some tips to find a specialist in the…

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How to estimate your jewelry online?

Jewelry has always played a major role in society, whether it was given as a gift on a special occasion or purchased as a safe haven in times of crisis. Just like fashion, jewelry evolves with time and those that…

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Precious jewelry: recognize the most expensive materials

Gold, silver and platinum are part of the selection of precious metals. Buying jewelry made of these materials is an excellent long-term investment. However, it is necessary to acquire genuine metals. Tips on how to recognize them easily. Simple tips…

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How to estimate a valuable vase?

The field of art is receiving more and more attention. Moreover, many art objects like the vase are famous and valuable for their stories. Before, vases were not meant to hold flowers. They were designed to decorate the interior of…

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