With the containment, the public was deprived of exhibitions and visits to art galleries. Fortunately, everything is more or less back to normal despite the sanitary constraints. The cultural life in Paris is progressively resuming and everywhere in the capital, cultural nuggets are making art lovers happy.

A selection of must-see exhibitions in Paris

Contemporary and classical art, painting, sculpture or photography... With the beginning of the new school year, it is also the long-awaited return of the art lovers in the exhibitions and the art galleries. They can discover the work of painters and sculptor’s representative of the contemporary and modern figurative current. In addition, it is possible to admire throughout the year, paintings by Cocteau, Buffet, Ambrogiani, Fusaro, Tobiasse and others. At the Palais de Tokyo, Chaillot, the exhibition of Ulla von Brandebourg, Cristo et Jean-Claude at the Centre Pompidou, Pompeii at the Grand Palais are cultural events that will delight art lovers. At the Petit Palais, discover Danish painting thanks to an exhibition entitled: "The Golden Age of Danish Painting" and get to know the work and daily life of the great Danish painters. 

Art events not to be missed

 For the start of the new school year, the art exhibition in Paris is a remarkable program that only confirms the usual richness of the Parisian cultural offer. All you have to do is make your choice, for example the Rachel Rose exhibition held at Lafayette Anticipations until September 13, at the Musée Picasso, Picasso poète. At the Musée Maillot, "The painter and the voices of the Beyond". Monet, Chagall and Renoir on the theme Travels in the Mediterranean. Dream of Italy with Cézanne and the masters. However, in these particular times, it is advisable to check that the exhibitions are confirmed before moving.

A remarkable agenda

In the capital, art exhibitions are exceptional appointments with artists representative of our time and dazzling works. An exhibition dedicated to Banksy, the Word of Banksy, the immersive experience, at the Musée de la vie romantique, Heart of Romanticism, contemporary creations on the theme of the heart. At the Musée d'Orsay, an exhibition on the theme of monsters, "Autour des Monstres". Léopold Chauveau... Whether you live in Paris or stay there, you will not be bored, because from September onwards, you will be able to concoct a very attractive cultural agenda.