The urban art has known a lightning advance since these last years. Coming from the United States since the 70's, this art has known countless journeys to be able to be displayed today in the most prestigious galleries and museums of the whole world.

A short history of urban art

The graffiti artists with their singular graffiti have spread in France since the 90s. Indeed, we tend to believe that this phenomenon has just started very recently yet, many are the proofs showing the love of street art since: the inscriptions or declarations of love on the walls of many streets. This art has developed, in terms of technique, the materials used as bombs offer originality thanks to the countless colors and shapes expressing the creativity of the author. And against all odds, investing in street art has become very popular among art lovers and enthusiasts.

Why invest in street art?

Today, artists produce paintings on canvas, easily movable thanks to the evolution that we have recently encountered in street art. Indeed, a remarkable craze is starting to settle really about this art, because with the great diversity of creators, works, meaning that we can find in urban art. This last one knew how to generate innumerable emotions everywhere in the world. Many artists are known around the world today, including: Banksy, Kaws, Invader or Basquiat. Prohibited at the very beginning and assigned as a nuisance to public property, many are now willing to invest in street art and those who have already launched into the collection of urban art paintings. Indeed, in addition to the pleasure they bring, the feelings they generate in the public, these works of art become more and more quoted today.

How to invest in street art?

In order to avoid any false step, and this, in any investment, it is better to start with small steps and improve as you go along. Also check well, have a sense of observation when appropriating a property supposedly of great value. The advantage with urban art is that you can still bet on relatively low prices, given the diversity of the paintings and their artists. However, one should not forget to use precious common sense. This one never deceives. If you want to invest in street art, remember to have fun in what you are doing. Know the artist, his history, his works, what he wants to convey or transmit through his works and creations. Following the advice of an expert is also a good idea when you start to get interested in a new activity.