How can you afford a great master painting without being a millionaire?

The public's infatuation for painted works has never been so strong. This applies to the productions of yesteryear as well as to the paintings of contemporary artists. It is indeed the end of the elitist prejudices on the appreciation of art. The most passionate, whether rich or not, dream of owning at least one artist's painting. Now, this can become a reality, for anyone. However, as a guide, here are some essential points to remember.

Cultivate a limited vision and a forward-looking spirit

If the motivation is to invest in original creations such as the works of Bernard BUFFET or those of Andy Warhol, one must pay particular attention to the number of copies put on the market. This is what having a limited vision means. Indeed, a limited number often attests to the great value of a painting. Contrary to what one might think, buying a painting by a great master that is part of a small batch of prints can be relatively affordable. If the motivation is mainly the desire to sublimate one's home with art, there is another option that illustrates the avant-garde spirit. It is to acquire paintings of apprentices of masters or works of emerging painters. This would contribute to the promotion and evolution of these artists, while broadening their artistic horizons. To love art is to support it to the end, in many ways.

Better opt for an original work on a lighter medium

It is better to refrain from buying than to acquire a mediocre, even insulting, copy of a master painting. Artistic value should always take precedence over market value. This does not mean, however, that one should deprive oneself of the pleasure of buying a painting by a great master. The alternative that may appear to reconcile economic imperatives and a passion for art is to invest in works on paper. They are considerably more affordable than works on canvas.

Focusing on discovery beyond research

Another trick can appear to be the most entertaining, as well as profitable, especially for the very curious. There are no more appropriate places for adventures in the world of art than places like flea markets, garage sales, or even antique shops. Often, treasures can be hidden there, ones that would be bought at a high price at auction. It is therefore highly recommended to go and stroll around and buy a superb painting, or even more, at a lower cost. No one knows, maybe these newly acquired paintings would appear as masterpieces. There are many surprises in the art world.
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